The Festival organizers: “It is with great satisfaction that we receive this prize that fills us with joy”

Home Festival 2016 won Best Festival at the Coca Cola – Onstage Awards 2017, a much sought-after prize which places it amongst national and European summits for the third time. Let’s recall that HF had already won the first prize in the Best Festival category three years ago, the same happened in 2015 and repeated the success for the 2016 edition. Yet another demonstration of how it is possible to set up a Festival for several days even in Italy and propose music genres that are opposite to each other obtaining consent from audiences and critics.

“We are proud of this prestigious and authoritative confirmation. It is a victory that recognizes the international influence of our Festival. And this year it is going to be astonishing” – stated the organizers.

The Coca-Cola Onstage Awards appointed 12 prizes which transversely represent the whole live scene and large live events. The votes were obtained by adding up the preferences expressed by the jury, which weighed 30% according to the regulations, to the many fans’ votes. This year, however, they were also obliged to register to ensure complete transparency in the voting and during the entire competition. This award stands for an absolute victory that confirms the importance of Home Festival at an international level.