It was inaugurated on Monday, June 18th, the new space that the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno gave to Home Festival to bring a preview of the great international event to the city.
I wanted Home Festival to be right here – says President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza – at this space in town, in the “home of business,” appointed by the Government for the promotion of the territory from a cultural and tourist point of view. Home Festival is a true entrepreneurial pride of a great international event, driving force of the tourism of Treviso and Venetian provinces”.

Home Festival Pop Up Store” is the name of the space of #hf18 in Piazza Borsa that from June to September will host festival tourists in Treviso. It will be an information space, through which Hf will show off by organizing events and giving information.

For the occasion, Hf has decided to enhance its relationship with the Treviso region by offering a special offer to those who live in Treviso or in the province: for a limited period of time tickets will be sold for € 20.00 instead of € 30.00. You just have to show up with your ID card.

n the coming days the space will then be at the center of shows and events that will be revealed shortly. “We are proud of this opportunity given to us to promote the Marca Trevigiana and our festival”, explains Amedeo Lombardi, founder of Home Festival. “The Piazza Borsa Pop Up Store represents the best that Home Festival can give to this city. It is in fact located in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and therefore highlights the economic collateral activities that have an impact on the territory. It is located in front of the statue of Mario del Monaco precisely to reaffirm the link with art and music for the events we are going to realize. It re-qualifies an area of the city, putting itself at the service of tourists and festival lovers who will visit the historic center and the beauties of the Veneto region. Without forgetting our fellow citizens who will be able to enjoy the event at discounted prices”.

“A large piazza and a front office with entertainment are the best recipe to animate a quadrant of the city that has too often made the headlines for episodes of petty crime and degradation – says the mayor of Treviso Mario Conte – Of course I thank Amedeo Lombardi of Home Festival and the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza who, with this initiative, decided to go exactly in the direction of our idea of city. An alive, safe, young city that offers a quality cultural proposal. This will be the first step towards a growth path along which the Administration intends to incentivize all those subjects who, in parallel with their business activities, manifest the desire to invest in the culture and the revitalizing of the city”.