Home Festival is a home, and as such it needs to have foundations laid. Those of Hf18 are artistic, it is a concept that influences the whole coordinated theme. Like last year, the image has been edited by the 28-year-old graphic artist from Treviso Self who, after studying art in Milan and Rotterdam, has specialized in the creation of illustrations with a strong evocative power: characters designed with an approach that is easily recognizable for its particularities that refer to a dreamlike setting. A choice, that of focusing on illustrations, that refers to an almost primordial world, the result of study and team work.
The choice, specifically, was to start from the whirlwind that last year caused the cancellation of a show and the subsequent desire to be reborn, starting again all together as authentic families do in difficult times. Last year, the overall vision was that of a galaxy composed of four “musical planets” from which the various stages drew music during the event. The concept of this year catapults the “Homies” out of that galaxy where they were staying and makes them wander in a new sky, made of patterns, shapes, constellations and abstract elements
“A still dark sky, which allows us to dream and imagine what will come next”, reveals Andrea Zanata, communication manager of the event. “The next steps will show a gradual composition of the final image, which will be completed when the cast of artists is announced. The “Home” concept, which will materialize in a cosmic mountain, symbol of the center of the world, the home of the gods, of the point where the earth meets heaven but above all a symbol of constancy, eternity and firmness. For us, it is a declaration of rebirth and the desire to start over. While waiting to meet everyone, once again, at Home”.
These images are already spreading on the web. They have been noticed by hundreds of thousands of young people who follow the Treviso festival on social networks: over 150,000 fans on Facebook, almost 30,000 on Instagram and more than five thousand on Twitter. A population that rushes the Festival website that last year recorded about two and a half million hits in the weeks preceding the event, with peaks just before the first night.
But not only Self. Home Festival has also launched in Milan an OPEN CALL addressed to designers, artists, architects and set designers, focusing on the design and creation of installations to be placed within the area. The works will have to stick to the concept developed this year for HF and will be divided into three categories according to their size. The deadline for project delivery is set no later than Sunday, July 1st, 2018 at 23:59. The material for the construction of the work will be provided by Hf.
Contest information: www.homefestival.eu/it/design-contest/