WelcHOME to Treviso

“There is no place like home,” used to say Dorothy in the famous “Wizard of Oz” movie.

No place is like HOME FESTIVAL, we might add. So many concerts, shows, good food and the Home Garden camping, which this year also includes a Glamping area.
HOME is not simply a festival, it’s an awesome experience and a destination to discover.
You can download the Google Map we created for you with all the tips on what to do and see and, by clicking on the point of interest, you will discover our history.
Sharing is one of our values and the expression “Mi Casa es tu Casa” seems the most appropriate in this case. Take advantage of the Festival to find new places, live memorable times and take lots of photos to share with your friends.

Veneto is one of the most impressive regions of Italy thanks to the richness of its cities of art, ancient towns, food and wine traditions and natural heritage.

The historical centre of Treviso is only 4 km from the Festival! Treviso is defined as “the small Venice” as it is crossed by canals and the river Sile, just have a look at the Buranelli canal and you will certainly agree with us! Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the art museums and to go for a stroll through its streets and squares, such as Calmaggiore and Piazza dei Signori, the Isola della Pescheria, to see the various churches and water mills scattered around the city and its famous Fontana delle Tette. Stay in one of the typical inns and have the classic ombra de prosecco and cicchetti (the Spanish call it tapas). As for food, did you know that Tiramisù was born right in Treviso? Treat yourself and taste a slice.

Just outside the town walls, we recommend taking a ride or a walk along the river Sile, in the so-called Restera area. On the Sile you can also do soft rafting or get to Venice by boat.

For wine lovers we recommend a visit to the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, candidate site for the World Heritage Centre’s list, and since you are there, a tasting experience in one of the many wineries is a must.

Among the finest cities of art we cannot forget to mention Asolo, Castelfranco Veneto (birthplace of Giorgione), Conegliano, Oderzo and Vittorio Veneto.

If you want to be Indiana Jones for a day in the caves, not far from Vittorio Veneto, the Grotte del Caglieron  will surprise you.

If you like art and architecture you can not miss out on the two Palladian masterpieces, Villa Barbaro in Maser and Villa Emo in Fanzolo, and on the impressive Gipsoteca in Possagno, containing the Canova statues. Also in Possagno you can visit the Temple of Canova, while in San Vito di Altivole is guarded one of the works of the famous architect Carlo Scarpa: the Brion Tomb, zen-style masterpiece.

And it does not end here!

Venice is within a 30-minute train journey from Treviso. Even if you’ve already been there, Venice never ceases to amaze you.We recommend that you walk an unusual itinerary through the calli (typical little streets), campi and campielli (typical Venice squares) and visit the museums and the Biennale Arte 2017 at the Giardini dell’Arsenale.

If you are wondering what you can still visit not far from HOME, Padua is another good idea!
It is a 1-hour drive away and you can easily reach it by bus.

Maybe you have some friends who attended the University here and will definitely have talked to you about the famous spritz, but you must know that besides this, Padua is a city with a great cultural and artistic tradition that will not leave you with nothing to do.

We told you a bit of things you can do and see here, though we know it is still summer and maybe you prefer to spend the day at the seaside. No problem, even this time we have a solution for you! Lido di Jesolo is a 1-hour drive away and is easily reached by bus from Treviso.
Beach, sea, sun and lots of selfies: how awesome!

If you prefer to stay at Home Festival, we’ll take care of you… “MI CASA ES TU CASA”.

We are waiting for you at Home, you are always welcome here!