Free car parking are served with shuttles. Travel by car only if you have no alternative options. Use public transport and shared mobility to avoid traffic and long queues. Share your car with other "Homies" and start the adventure with new friends. Before leaving check all parking maps and best way to reach them.

    • If you take the highway A4 TORINO - TRIESTE and so MILANO - VENEZIA, follow the freeway A57 of Mestre and the way out Venezia/Ravenna/Mestre/Marghera, from here you'll find Home Venice Park signs.

    • Arriving from TRIESTE highwahy A4 take the exit Venezia A27. Go straight on until the freeway A57 of Mestre and the way out Venezia / Milano / A13 / Padova / Bolonga. Keep going and take SS13 Venezia / Treviso / Aeroporto / Parco S. Giuliano and ahead SR14, here follow the sign Home Venice Park.

    • From the city of TREVISO drive the Terraglio street and go ahead until you arrive in Mestre, follow the indications for Venezia. Go on and proceed monitoring Home Venice Park signs.